Change tickets

New travel plans? No problem!

Changing your ticket

Log in to view or change your reservation


  1. Log in using your reservation and telephone number
  2. Select a new departure
  3. View the price for the new ticket
  4. Confirm change and pay any difference in price between the new and old ticket

Unfortunately, we could not find that reservation. See login information on your reservation.

You can change your tickets online

Edit your tickets quickly and easily

On the website, you can always change your trips with KOMBARDO EXPRESSEN up to 45 minutes before the original departure time.

Always book early – you will usually save money on your trips with KOMBARDO EXPRESSEN that way. If your travel plans change in the meantime, it is easy to change your tickets online – right up to 45 minutes before departure.

You can change your ticket for just DKK 39 per change. You are free to select a new travel time within the ticket’s period of validity. If there is a price difference between the new and old ticket, you simply pay the difference.

Note that it is not possible to change return tickets so that both trips depart from the same region.
It is possible to change the direction of a ticket, but the ticket cannot be changed to another route.