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NEW! 5 new routes

NEW! 5 new routes

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NEWS! 5 new routes!

Kombardo Expressen expands the route map again - this time with five new routes!

So now you can also travel with Kombardo Expressen buses between:

  • Aalborg - Randers
  • Aalborg - Aarhus
  • Herning - Aarhus
  • Kolding - Odense
  • Holbæk - Helsingør  

And you can travel on the five new routes from only 59 kroner!

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Download the new KOMBARDO EXPRESSEN app

With the KOMBARDO EXPRESSEN iOS app, you will always have more than 500 weekly bus departures at your fingertips!

You can use the new app to book a ticket quickly and easily for any of the KOMBARDO EXPRESSEN routes. From now on it will not only be easy to book and change your ticket. From 24 June, you will also have access to a range of services for improving your journey.

For example, you can choose to sit next to a travel companion or reserve a seat at the front of the bus. The app will give you a clear overview of your itinerary and your options. The app is called ‘KOMBARDO EXPRESSEN’.

It will make it faster and easier for you to take a shortcut across Denmark – Kombardo!

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After KOMBARDO EXPRESSEN has boarded one of MOLSLINJEN’s high-speed ferries, you can visit BARISTA’S COFFEE SHOP where you can buy luxury coffee and tea, delicious baked goods and high-quality sweets.

Warm yourself up with a heavenly – fully sustainable – cup of coffee on one of MOLSLINJEN’s and BORNHOLMSLINJEN’s high-speed ferries.

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What does ‘Kombardo’ mean?

If you don't speak Danish, you may wonder what the word ‘Kombardo’ means when you see it on KOMBARDO EXPRESSEN. Kombardo is Jylland dialect for ‘kom bare du’ which, in this context, means ‘you next’ and is our way of saying ‘welcome aboard’! It is also KOMBARDO EXPRESSEN’s slogan.

The slogan was coined by our staff in hi-viz jackets who have a habit of saying ‘Kombardo’ when they wave vehicles onto the ferry.  

The catch phrase has now been embraced by the entire MOLSLINJEN, and ‘Kombardo’ is an attestation of our service and care for the guests on board our buses and ferries.

Does it make more sense now? Then.... Kombardo!

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Take your bicycle with you

Lots of our passengers appreciate the option to take their bicycle with them on KOMBARDO EXPRESSEN.

Unfortunately, we often see that passengers who have booked a space for their bicycles do not use their bicycle booking and the space is wasted. For this reason, we are now charging DKK 60 for a bicycle to ensure that you can count on KOMBARDO EXPRESSEN when you want to take your bike with you on your next trip.


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