Barista’s coffee shop

You will find the BARISTA’S COFFEE SHOP on board MOLSLINJEN, BORNHOLMSLINJEN and ALSLINJEN ferries. At BARISTA’S COFFEE SHOP, quality, artisanry and sustainability are incorporated in all parts of the coffee experience. From the planting of the coffee tree in Tanzania, to the environmentally conscious cups the coffee is served in.

But coffee isn't the only thing we do well at BARISTA’S. Our display cases are filled with a variety of delectable treats. Try, for instance, the soft and crispy croissants – the kind you would expect to find in a French bakery. Or the Danish classic: ‘træstammen’, enrobed with chocolate from Odense Marcipan.

If you're looking for something savoury, try our delicious paninis with chicken or our warm sandwich with serrano and brie on rye bread.

Visit BARISTA’S COFFEE SHOP and discover what artisanry and quality taste like.

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A cup of quality

From land to sea

All of BARISTA'S coffees are brewed from beans from unique Kifaru Coffee, cultivated in fertile volcanic soil on the Danish-owned coffee farm Shangri-La Estate in Tanzania.

Kirafu Coffee has exclusive Rainforest Alliance certification, which is your guarantee that the coffee is grown with the greatest consideration for the environment, animals and humans.

Carefully selected coffee beans

Only the best beans are good enough for a BARISTA coffee. That's why we use Kifaraus AA class Bourbon beans. The beans have undergone medium-strong toasting and have a good balance of acidity and sweetness. If you want to taste the bourbon bean in action, try for example a Caffé Latte or Cappuccino.

If you prefer filter coffee, we serve a strong cup brewed from Kifarura’s blend of three varieties of Arabica beans. 

When coffee isn’t your cup of tea

The tea at BARISTA'S is special, too. The teas come from Danish Østerlandsk Thehus, which has more than 130 years of experience in making fantastic-tasting blends.

The menu has both black teas, green teas and herbal teas.

If you like invigorating, strong tea, try the black Admiralty Tea, consisting of Darjeeling, Ceylon and Keemun – with a touch of bergamot and gun powder.

You can also taste the refreshing herbal Sweet Lemon, which has a wonderfully sweet after-taste. It consists of lemon grass, apple, pineapple, strawberry and licorice roots.

If you're into green tea, try the exciting Mermaid tea, which has a mild, fresh and unique taste. It consists of classic green Sencha tea from China, combined with gooseberries, seaweed and buckthorn.

Created wisely

When you visit BARISTA'S COFFEE SHOP, consideration for the environment goes into every part of your experience. We wish to look after our planet and cause it as little harm as possible.

All the cups, lids, serviettes, cutlery and plastic cups in the coffee shop are therefore made from sustainable materials.

The cups in the coffee shop have an inner coating consisting of potato starch rather than plastic. And each lid is made of sustainable material. If the packaging ends up in nature, this means that it is more easily degraded.

BARISTA'S plastic cups and tea bags are also made of PLA, a new biodegradable plastic type consisting of maize. In this way, no microplastic is discharged into the oceans. At the same time, it is climate friendly to produce and dispose of.